Jeckra is dedicated to reversing the carbon footprint of the built environment.

Our Mission

At Jeckra, we appreciate that the earth and our way of life is under serious threat from climate change. We also understand that the best way to mediate this threat is through action, and for us this means using our resources, skills and expertise to do something about it.

Jeckra grew from a small company with one simple goal – to create early learning environments that children love and benefit from. From there, our core principles expanded to include many new responsibilities as a developer to our clients, the community and the natural environment.

Jeckra wants the world to keep spinning and we want children, staff and families to love the spaces we create knowing full well that they are making a positive contribution to ensuring this.

Jeckra is dedicated to reversing the carbon footprint of the built environment without sacrificing on our commitment to creating healthy, inspiring and enriching environments that children, staff and parents love.

How we do it?


We reduce wasteful spending on energy, resources and capital.


Jeckra has committed to installing solar panels on all Jeckra developments with the goal of reducing more than 100 tonnes of Co2 per annum on every centre site with solar panels fitted.


We use local trades and local materials wherever possible to reduce fossil-fuelled transportation during construction.


We use only responsibly sourced and non-toxic materials for both indoor and outdoor environments – if it’s on our ‘Red List’, we don’t use it!


We use materials and building systems that improve indoor air quality and the health and wellbeing of building occupants. We aim to achieve high levels of natural ventilation.


We reconnect staff, students and parents to nature and the community through regenerative and educative outdoor environments.


We harvest rainwater, use recycled materials and install energy saving devices and systems.


We develop staff facilities that inspire and motivate workers whilst improving staff retention for operators.


We create spaces for the community to gather, share and grow their relationships.


Jeckra Goals

Reduce our carbon footprint

Reduce our
carbon footprint

By using green energy, local trades and materials, and energy efficient building systems.

Reduce waste and excess

Reduce waste
and excess

By improving energy efficiency, recycling building materials and streamlining operations.

Improve occupant health and well being

Improve occupant
health and well being

Through use of non-toxic materials, increasing access to natural light and adopting a healthy material palette.

Promote community engagement

community engagement

By implementing infrastructure that encourages the community to get involved in a centre’s operations.