Jeckra is an
developer and property
delivery company.
Since 2013.

Jeckra is an education-specific developer and property delivery company that provides the full suite of management services, from design and development to project and construction management.

Since its inception, Jeckra has worked on over 120 childcare centre projects across Australia and delivered some of the country’s most innovative early learning environments. We work with operators looking to expand their portfolios by sourcing and delivering development sites in areas primed for childcare.

We also improve their existing assets through feasible, sustainable and tailored alterations, guaranteed to meet the highest expectations of regulators, operators and families.

Jeckra manages every aspect of a project to ensure that the outcome is better than the highest standard for sustainable childcare development in Australia.


Jeckra was established in 2013 with a handful of employees and one ambitious goal – to deliver the very best early learning centres the country has ever seen.

Since then and as we’ve grown, our philosophy has remained simple, but it has developed to encompass a range of new responsibilities we feel we have as a developer and business to the wider community.

Like our philosophy, our business has also expanded, evolving from its infancy in project management to its current status as the complete development and delivery package.

Jeckra’s immense growth can be attributed to our core belief that best practice comes through experience, research, collaboration and innovation.

Our Values & Mission

Jeckra’s mission is to create healthy, inspiring and enriching early learning environments that children, staff and the wider community are proud to be associated with.

It’s also our goal to reduce the carbon footprint of the Australian built environment and to develop spaces that not only meet a high standard for sustainable building design but are attractive to the growing number of Australians who consider climate change the most important challenge of our generation.

Executive Team

Experienced, Approachable, Knowledgeable and Enthusiastic.