Industry leading childcare developer delivering some of Australia’s most enriching childcare spaces

Jeckra is an education-specific developer and property delivery company that provides the full suite of management services, from design and development to project and construction management. Since its inception, Jeckra has worked on over 120 childcare centre projects across Australia and delivered some of the country’s most innovative early learning environments. If you’re interested in learning about Jeckra’s services and expertise or seeking development advice and partnership then we’d be happy to hear from you.

Sustainable Childcare Development 

Jeckra’s mission is to create healthy, inspiring and enriching early learning environments that children, staff and the wider community are proud to be associated with. We also appreciate that the earth and our way of life is under serious threat from climate change and that the best way for us as a company to mediate this threat is through action


Jeckra Develop

A comprehensive development service with you every step of the way.

Jeckra Deliver

Complete and thorough project management and delivery from start to finish.